Will spent a month as an artist in residence at the Tides Museum of Art in Eastport on Moose Island in Maine a few summers ago.

It’s a beautiful island. Wild deer roam around the town, Bald Eagles fly overhead and Minke Whales can be seen in the ocean from the shore.

As a huge fan of nature Will decided to create animations based on the wildlife of Eastport. He decided to make a grid of animated gifs that could then be projected on to the side of a building for the final presentation.  Also check out the DOWN EAST magazine interview with Will here.


The buzz of the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Inspired by the garden in Water St, Eastport, where I drank Champagne and watched them do their thing.

THE CROW The animals of Eastport find many ways to get in to your trash. The crows are one of the more intelligent. Inspired by a chat with Nancy Fulton who told me about having to put rocks on her trash cans in Eastport to stop the crows getting in to them.

Eastport is a beautiful place, but you can never sit down without the fear of getting bitten by the pesky Fire Ants.

The sound of the Loon is never far away when you take an evening stroll by the water. Inspired by Round Lake in Charlotte, Maine.

Magic moment out on the cliff by Prince’s Cove. My first Bald Eagle of the trip flew in from nowhere and blew me away.

The magical whirl pools at he the Reversing Falls in Pembroke, Maine.

When the Happy Crab is in full swing, the wildlife of Eastport still goes about its business.

The changeable weather of Eastport, Maine.