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the last song of the nightingale

Nightingale titles.jpg

Will was asked by Luke Massey and Katie Stacey of Sunbittern Media to contribute to their documentary about the decreasing numbers of Nightingales in the UK. Will created a number of animated sequences to help depict the story of the Nightingales . The film premiered at Virtual Birdfair this year and featured on Chris Packham's Self Isolating Bird Club. It is currently being screened at numerous film festivals.

Will experimented using his iPad Pro and Procreate to illustrate the artwork to give a more a textured feel to his work. He then used Adobe Animate and After Effects to bring it all to life.


In 1924 the first live to radio broadcast from an outdoor location was Beatrice Harrison and a singing nightingale. Watch a short clip from the documentary above. 


The wonderful Sam West describes how vikings believed that Swallows hibernated underwater using air bubbles to breathe.

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